We bought more than 35 hectares of land in the eastern part of Lima and in the main provinces of the country. Our portfolio diversified geographically and we eventually came to have the best “land bank”.


We entered the retail construction business through the acquisition of the MZ Group, and the industrial construction business with MacrOpolis; becoming the real estate group with the greatest business diversification in Peru.


We inaugurated the Real 8 building. We expanded our residential area operations to Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Huancayo, Lima, Ica, and Tacna. We started the urban development projects of MacrOpolis in Lurín.


We inaugurated the Real 2 building, designed by the architect Jean Nouvel. We acquired a land of 15,000 m² in San Isidro and 420 hectares adjoining MacrOpolis. We relaunched Minka in a format combining Outlet, Modern Retail, Traditional Market, and gastronomy and entertainment areas.


We focused the company on innovation and efficiency. We developed the Camino Real (mall) and Real 12 (offices) projects, where we will invest more than USD 130 million during the 2020-2021 period.


Launch of Centenario Macrolotes, our land sale business for large-scale residential and commercial real estate projects in 10 cities in Peru.


Launch of Nova Lurin, our new satellite city that integrates residential, commercial and industrial projects in a way that generates synergy between them, with large public spaces and elements that provide quality of life for all.